Draft Manual on Law Enforcement Information Exchange

The Council of EU came up with a Draft Manual on Law Enforcement Information Exchange on 23 April 2015 for approval to the delegations of the Working Party on Information Exchange and Data Protection (DAPIX).

“The manual is primarily intended as a tool for police officers working in the area of International Liaison and in particular for so-called ‘SPOC’ operators. Accordingly, it should be as user-friendly and comprehensively as possible.

The manual aims to inform and facilitate practical day-to-day cooperation between different Member States’ authorities involved in police information exchange at both national and international level, to serve training purposes and ensure that better informed decisions will be made when it comes to seeking and exchanging information across borders.

The manual contains an overview of all EU systems, legal bases and instruments of information exchange available to the law enforcement authorities of the Member States. This way, the user is fully informed of the available options when it comes to deciding how to seek or provide information across borders.

Finally, national sheets setting out relevant contact details and information available for cross-border exchange complete the manual. By regularly up-dating these sheets, Member States will have complied with the many notification obligations under the different instruments. These national sheets should make it easier to manage and to find the necessary information.

The manual incorporates these national sheets as well as the essential practical information on Council Framework Decision 2006/960/JHA (‘Swedish Framework Decision’ – SFD) and replaces the former SFD guidelines.

The manual may be regularly updated in future, as necessary in the light of new legislation, practical experience, or changes to the contact details of the authorities concerned.”