EVIDENCE 1st Interim Evaluation Report

The first interim evaluation report described the analysis of deliverables, internal and stakeholder events and overall partner reflections up to and including month 16, the mid-point of the EVIDENCE Project. This has been achieved by means of a deliverables timeline, six questionnaires for internal and stakeholder events and observations at meetings.

Overall, there was a high level of activity that took place in the first half of the project, including two SCMs and two stakeholder events. At the same time, 15 deliverables were produced.

Looking at the myriad of responses to the events and despite the time pressured faced, they were all perceived as successful. The two stakeholder events reviewed were praised by partners and stakeholders alike. The two SCMs were also generally well-received by partners with very few negative comments.

Most of the deliverables were submitted on time with a few deviations by only couple of days.

In the intermediate questionnaire, no major problems were reported by the team members from any WP teams.