EVIDENCE Annual Conference's Resources are Available Online

‘EVIDENCE Annual Conference: Digital Evidence Trends and Perspectives’ took place in The Hague (NL) at the end of September 2016. The seven conference sessions covered the following topics:

  • Expert discussion on topics related to
    • different actors working in the processes of collection, preservation, use, and exchange of electronic evidence
    • enhancing international legal cooperation with focus on privacy, data protection, and international law dimensions of evidence
    • certification and professionalization in the field
    • testing, validation, and standard setting of digital forensic tools
    • standards for representing and exchanging evidence
    • and the future development of each topic/field in relation to the EVIDENCE Road Map and its proper implementation.
  • Structured and detailed discussion on the EVIDENCE Road Map Implementation Plan and the possible short/medium/long term solutions and how these solutions will lead to the development of the Common European Framework for the systematic and uniform application of new technologies in the collection, preservation, use, and exchange of electronic evidence.

All related presentations are now available at the event's web page.