Experts’ Discussions on the Semantic Structure of Electronic Evidence Took Place in Girona, October 2014

EVIDENCE Workshop on Categorization ‘Semantic Structure of Electronic Evidence’ was organized as a two-day non-residential event and took place in Girona, Spain, on October 8-9, 2014 for the purposes of the Work Package 2 ‘Overview and Categorization of Electronic Evidence’ development and discussion of results.

Experts from the InterPARES Project, the International Criminal Court and the Computer Forensics Laboratories (CFLabs) were invited as guest speakers along with all members of the External Advisory Group of the EVIDENCE Project.

The InterPARES Project representatives presented topics related to the project itself and key stages of its development, as well as to recent development in some of the fields of study related to the electronic evidence domain - preservation as a service for trust and digital archive standard.

The International Criminal Court representatives were involved in presenting the ICC Registry Evidence and the usage of digital evidence in advancing the ICC prosecutions.

Dr. Insa from CFLabs, Spain, presented her experience and point of view in terms of challenges and opportunities in using electronic evidence and their admissibility in the courts.

A special section was dedicated to EVIDENCE External Advisory Group Members and their comments and observation to the categorization of electronic evidence, this being a key topic of the workshop.

During the second day, a session called ‘Discussion on EVIDENCE Categorization’ took place. The participants were separated into four groups discussing different aspects of the electronic evidence categorizations and especially the EVIDENCE Semantic Structure of Electronic Evidence. A rapporteur was appointed to each group who was to deliver a resume of the group discussion to the public and to the EVIDENCE WP2 Leader per se.

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