Network of Experts in Digital Forensics Set in Action

The EVIDENCE website offers a special feature: a Stakeholder Forum where experts working in fields related to collection, use and exchange of electronic evidence will be able to communicate and exchange opinions on digital forensics.

The aim of this Forum is to bring together representatives of the national governmental bodies, law enforcement agencies’ official representatives, judges and magistrates, prosecutors and lawyers, experts in digital forensics, companies dealing with security issues, critical service/ infrastructure providers, research and academia representatives, media and civil society, enabling them to discuss the realization of an efficient regulation, treatment and exchange of digital evidence, guidelines, recommendations, and technical standards, as well as the development of a road map to a Common European Framework for the systematic and uniform application of new technologies in the collection, use and exchange of evidence.

All stakeholders are invited to take part in the EVIDENCE Stakeholder Forum discussions and to contribute to the project efforts and activities.