Supply and Demand - The WP7 Beginning

The general purpose of EVIDENCE is to create a road map of guidelines, recommendations, and technical standards, for a common European framework on the systematic and uniform application of new technologies in the collection, use and exchange of evidence. In this context, WP7 ‘Market size’ aims to establish, from a sociological point of view, the size and characteristics of the European ‘market’ for technical solutions developed by EVIDENCE, identifying the types of actors of this ‘market’ and the obstacles and facilitating factors for the use of digital evidence in courts.

A first step of the research is the identification and classification of target users – determination of the potential ‘consumers’ for EVIDENCE technical standards in Europe i.e. the stakeholders involved in the introduction/consolidation of electronic evidence in courts (the ‘demand side’), and at the same time the identification of companies, agencies and third parties offering services related to the elaboration, storage and preservation of digital evidence (the ‘supply side’).

The first WP7 task addresses the partners and other interlocutors of EVIDENCE in order to develop a first typology of actors involved in digital evidence, directly or indirectly, and to collect some first information about them. In particular, the partners and interlocutors of EVIDENCE are invited to (1) validate the typology of actors presented here, i.e. approving, reducing and/or complementing it; (2) provide, if possible, sources of information (documents, reports, statistics, etc.) on a number of aspects that relate to those types of actors, and provide specific information, if they have; and (3) provide suggestions for the continuation of the work.

The process of identification and classification of target users is expected to continue until the 12th month of the project.