1st INTERPOL Digital Forensic Expert Group Meeting, June 2016

The First INTERPOL Digital Forensic Expert Group Meeting took place on 21-23 June 2016 in Madrid, Spain bringing together experts from different cyber-related fields to provide advice on including cyberstrategy, research, training, forensics and operations. It was organized in by the Commissioner General of Scientific Police and NCB-Interpol in Spain.
The meeting was attended by representatives of 23 countries and is the result of work and the objectives set a year ago in the “Global Complex for Innovation” held in Singapore where five working groups were formed: Operations, Forensic, Strategy, Technological development and Training. The target launch in Forensic Group with this conference focused on the fight against cybercrime through the analysis of computer and electronic devices as well as the exchange of information.
EVIDENCE project was presented during the meeting with an one hour session on the overall project activities and the INTERPOL role in the project, the D.F. Tools Catalogue and Standard proposal for the Evidence Exchange and the CybOX/DFAX technical perspective as well as the DFAX basix and complex use cases discussed in relation to the development of the major project deliverables.