Electronic Evidence Acquisition in the Cloud: the New Frontiers Workshop, May 2016

‘Electronic Evidence Acquisition in the Cloud: the New Frontiers’ Workshop was held on 11-12 May 2016 in Milan, Italy. The event dealt with the evidence acquisition in the cloud getting together judicial authorities, law enforcement agencies and the most important US Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that more and more increasingly detain significant information that are relevant for crime investigations.
The event covered topics related to the initiatives and activities of the EU in fighting cyber crime, jurisdiction issues and judicial cooperation in the evidence acquisition in the cyberspace, technical issues and aspects of International Law and national criminal code procedures, effectiveness and timeliness of judicial cooperation and the challenges of the requests of the data acquisition made to US ISPs.
EVIDENCE Project was presented by Maria Angela Biasiotti, Project Coordinator, discussing the role of the ISPs in the evidence exchange.