EVIDENCE Status Quo Workshop Agenda

The agenda for the EVIDENCE Status Quo Workshop, 20-21 October 2015 in Sofia is now available at Status Quo Workshop Section.

Status Quo Workshop is to discuss the outcome of WP3 ‘Legal Issues’, WP4 ‘Standard Issues’, WP6 ‘Law Enforcement Issues’ and WP8 ‘Data Protection Issues’ - to communicate these results of the individual activities to policy-makers and other stakeholders, and secondarily to receive input from those stakeholders for further development of the main conclusions and recommendations towards a road map to a Common European Framework. Different interests and stakeholders would be represented in a balanced manner, so that providers of academics, citizens, police associations, public agencies, civil society, media, etc. can interact efficiently.

Special guests of the event are experts from National Criminal Investigation Service (Norway), Netherlands Forensic Institute (Netherlands), University of Burgundy (France), Federal Police – Federal Computer Crime Unit (Belgium) and EUROJUST.