Experts’ Discussions on the Status Quo of Electronic Evidence Took Place in Sofia, October 2015

A Discussion Workshop on the Results on WP3 ‘Legal Issues’, WP4 ‘Technical Issues’, WP6 ‘Law Enforcement Issues’ and WP 8 ‘Data Protection Issues’ (Status Quo Workshop) took place on 20-21 October 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria. During the event, the workshop participants were presented the outcomes of the EVIDENCE project within the fields of electronic evidence regulation, the processes of collection, preservation, analysis and exchange of electronic evidence by law enforcement agencies and its presentation before courts, as well as related standard and data protection issues.

Project partners and experts from EuroJust, National Criminal Investigation Service of Norway, Netherlands Forensic Institute, University of Burgundy, MITRE Corporation, and Bulgarian law enforcement agencies and courts took part in several panel discussions dedicated to

  • better regulating electronic evidence;
  • standards and formalisms to represent digital forensic information incl. representing data and metadata in evidence exchange, processing and investigating high volumes of seized digital data and developing a proper ontology to represent any digital events; and
  • challenges, best practices and lessons learnt from a prosecutor and cybercrime investigator’s perspectives on electronic evidence and related issues.

Within the second day of the workshop a special session was organized on the future EVIDENCE Road Map towards a Common European Framework for the application of new technologies in the collection, use and exchange of evidence framing the focus of the strategic document and the main points to be considered. The participants were divided into restricted groups where each group was composed by people with different competencies. At the end of the session each group rapporteur explained in detail the issues his/her group showing the points of the group, then the first X points to be selected and further introduced in details in the EVIDENCE Road Map.

The workshop concluded with a short presentation on the way forward with the EVIDENCE Road Map summarizing the workshop observations and concluding remarks.