Proof of Concept Validation Workshop in Brussels, September 2016

A fourth (and final) technical standards meeting took place on 6 September 2016 at the CCBE premises in Brussels, Belgium. The main purposes of the workshop were to further discuss topics related to

  • integration possibilities between EVIDENCE proposed proof of concept application and the existing ICT/software systems in place and evaluate potential benefits on procedures that can be automated (fully or partially);
  • validation of the usage scenarios where a sequence of actions involving multiple stakeholders could be helped by the application;
  • evaluation of the technological solution for recording, handling and exchanging data and metadata of a digital forensic investigation;
  • evaluation on how the proposed solution could help keeping track of the appropriate data to include in the chain of custody log;
  • identification of further actions that end-users would like to see automated.

Full agenda of the event can be found here. Representatives of EUROJUST, Belgian federal police, CCBE, etc. with experience with digital forensics tools and matters, were present at the meeting.