Final Steps for Validating the Design and Development of the Technical Specifications and Proof of Concept

The final step within WP5 was the validation and dissemination of results and the organisation of workshops for collecting feedback on the design and development of the technical specifications and Proof of Concept.

Task 5.3 has organised events and workshops for dissemination, validation and feedback at each of the development phases. The main goal was to ensure the architecture and implementation of the PoC stays on track with how the experts would use the protocols, the representation language, the packaging and transferring of investigative data.

The main event was the Proof of Concept Validation Workshop that was organised in the premises of CCBE partner in Brussels. Participants of this workshop were various stakeholders and experts from the domain of digital forensics and jurisdiction domain as well as experts of systems that collect, handle and exchange investigative data.  The main result was the validation of the architecture and PoC implementation of the application and library that uses the representation language, protocols and standards that were researched and elaborated in the previous tasks under WP5 as well as WP4.

Furthermore Task 5.3 has used the feedback to further refine and develop the PoC and research new ideas and solutions on the packaging and investigative data exchange systems. The additional developments as well as the implementation of a packaging and exchange components on the PoC for the purposes of the demonstrations are further described.

Summary of Deliverable D5.3 can be found at 'The Activities/Deliverables' Section.